Not Sure About Google’s Chromebook

So…in June Google is going to release the “Chromebook”. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I use a PC for my desktop with Windows 7 and I must say that I love it. I have a MacBook Pro for my laptop that pretty much travels everywhere with me…and I love it too. My tablet is a re-modded gTablet using Android, that works like my phone except with more features…and I love it as well.

Now, on my PC and MacBook, I use Chrome as my browser. I recently converted from Firefox (even though FF4 look just like Chrome). All of the information I see about Chromebook is how fast you can surf the web. What about everything else…software, programs, hardware, compatibility, etc…? Will there be a new version of software now (Windows, Mac, Chrome) or will everything be an app (Microsoft office app, etc…)

I don’t know about this Chromebook. Most people I know use their computers for more than just searching the web. I guess we’ll see…

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