Internet Browser of Choice

I do alot of work on the internet for my various jobs. I’m using a PC at work and this past week I switched to Google Chrome as my default browser. I like it. It has great plugins, loads fast, doesn’t take up screen space with tool bars and the whole search bar and address bar being the same is awesome. I’m actually downloading Chrome for Mac right now on my MacBook Pro. On my home computer, I’m still using FF4, but that will change this week. Sorry Firefox :-(

Keep in mind, these changes came after I tried Firefox 4. I’ve been using FF for years…like since it first came out. I even mentioned it in a few raps like Design Coding and Online For Hours. It was a great alternative to IE and still is. As of lately though, I’ve been having tons of problems with it.  It tends to crash regularly and lets not even talk about the Adobe Flash problems. The hardest part about the transition is figuring out which tools and plugins I can use on Chrome that were on FF. For example, I can’t find an “Aardvark” extension on Chrome. I can’t even find something similar to it.

In the midst of switching browsers, I did open a tab to look at IE9. For some reason…I couldn’t make myself click the download button. It just didn’t feel right. I probably won’t ever like IE again, until they somehow remove IE6 from the internet. It is a coders nightmare.

Here are the download links if you need to upgrade your browser.
Mozilla Firefox 4
Google Chrome
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9

Anyway, I’d like to know what your choice of browser is…

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