Facebook Ad Space

So, I was spending some time going through my social profiles doing some updating and maintenance. You know, those time consuming yet necessary things you have to do when trying to run and effective social media campaign. I got to the point where I was about to update my Poetic Prophet Facebook Fan page. I logged in and began editing things and I noticed the ad space in the right sidebar, we all have. See your ad here. It was Facebook using one of my previous post as an advertisement to me to consider paying to show my ads there. I thought this was both absurd and creative.


Poetic Prophet Facebook AdAbsurd because, the information came from a wall post. To me that means, I should repost on my wall and some fans/supporters walls and encourage others to share the post. Doing that is free and I’d likely generate better results rather than paying for ad space.


Creative because the wall post was written as an ad so it actually works as ad. It did catch my attention and there’s always the chance that since it is an ad, it could likely catch the attention of others who may not be fans or supporters of Poetic Prophet.


Either way, I thought it was interesting enough to share. Facebook needs to send me a $100 ad credit like Google Adwords does so I can check it out. At E-webstyle, we’ve managed Facebook paid ads and the results are kinda up and down. It really depends on industry. Have you tried running Facebook ads? What was your result? What would you do different?

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